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Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Inguinal hernia surgery, also known as groin hernia operation or inguinal plasty, is the surgical procedure that is performed when a weak point in the abdominal wall gives way and allows tissue, such as part of the intestines, to protrude and form a lump in groin

A professional medical opinion may suggest that the inguinal hernia be treated to prevent future complications by one of two possible methods.


In the first instance, an open inguinal hernia operation can be performed, a traditional procedure in which the tissue is returned to its proper place and the abdominal wall is reinforced with a mesh.

On the other hand, laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgery consists of making three to four openings in the abdomen through which a laparoscope and the necessary instruments are inserted to correct the hernia; This is a procedure that leaves minor scars and is recommended if there has been a recurrence that needs to be treated again.

The prognosis for recovery is usually quick.

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