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Certified Physician

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Surgical services and procedures in High Specialty in Coloproctology.

Valoración integral de las molestias provocadas por el tubo digestivo: esófago, estómago, intestino delgado, colon, recto y ano.

Gastrointestinal Surgery Medical Consultation

Con una visión integral, no sólo de los padecimientos gastrointestinales, sino abarcando enfermedades de la pared abdominal y hepatobiliares.

General Surgery Medical Consultation

Office Procedures

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It consists of the inspection of the anal canal with an anoscope to diagnose different anorectal diseases in the office.

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It allows assessing the rectum and the last portion of the sigmoid colon in the office and, if necessary, taking biopsies to reach the correct diagnosis and be able to offer the treatment that the patient needs.

Hemorrhoidal Bundle Ligation

Depending on the degree of hemorrhoidal disease, we may opt for in-office ligation of the hemorrhoidal bundles.

Endoanal Ultrasound

It allows the anatomical assessment of the anal canal, its periphery and the pelvic floor. Useful in pathologies such as anal fistulas, anorectal abscesses, fecal incontinence, rectocele, among others.

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